Friday, December 24, 2010

owh..Qid is here..

happy belated birthday miss nur aqidah abdullah..
thank you very muchie for coming here in shah alam..
as to celebrate your birtday..
we are going to rock this town tonite..
where to go?


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Motivating Quote of the Day!

When you have much success, two things happen. The first is that we begin to take success for granted. The second is that we forget how we got here - namely, by exceptionally hard work and in spite of intense competition. - Jack Mack Carter

Sunday, December 19, 2010

ohh.. fiq is in love again..


tajuk tk bleh blah..
yes.. i do fall in love.. again..
love at first sight gitu..
for those who know bout my past..
i had a great fall afta my break up with my long-time bf..
lps drp tu dh terus hilang selera kt lelaki..
rase mcm semua lelaki nie tk bleh diharap..
sowi..kalu trse..
bukan nk kutuk bukan nk kate..
dh terkutuk nk buat mcm mane..
but.. suddenly i met my men..
he is so cute..
couldnt take my eyes of him..
ececece.. sumpah.. cube tgk gambo die nie..

introduce to you all.. my wannabe boyfriend.. mr.benjamin barnes.. just call him ben.. a.k.a prince caspian the third.. ohmehgud.. sgt koya ak nie.. hihi

korang pergi lh tgk citer narnia : the voyage of the dawn trader.. kalu tgk 3D lg gempak.. tk rugi.. semua ade.. all in one.. smpai nanges2.. ade satu watak br, sepupu kdp lucy dn edmund.. sgt menarik.. mula2 mcm mnyampah tp lame2 jd klakar..

more picture of my prince capsian..owh i fell in love with this face.. his hair.. his beard.. his stail.. huhu huhu.. way back then.. and now.. please stay this way forever.. or else i'll be heart broken..

mcm ini pun kamu hot&spicy tau..
to you whom may concern :
i can slay, my own dragon,
i can dream, my own dream..
my knight in shining armour is me,
so, im gonna set me free..

A great love?
It's when you shed tears for him but still you care for him.
It's when he ignored you but you still long for him.
It's when he starts loving another,
and yet you manage a smile and find the courage to say
"I am happy for you."
you know you love somebody when you want them to be happy even if their happiness means that you are not part of it..
to you, MMAB8888 please take care of my heart that you stole way back in 2005 untill 2010..
but here i give back your heart <3>
my life will never be the same without you but i have to move on bcause i know that is what you want me to do..
i'll never be the same, if we ever meet again..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

swimming sgt fun.. sunway piramid pun..

now i know that learning how to swim is super fun..

plus, i feel very comfartable wearing my muslimah swimwear..

went to class this morning with aja..

we start our lesson from 9am till 11am..

our instructor is so cute and nice too..

her name is puan aini,

but she prefer us to call her..

cekgu anne..

no picture for this post,

as both of us got no camera,

but next time i will take some picture..

owh, btw, the day before,

both of us plus hanieah went to sunway piramid..

ohmehgodd.. sale is everywhere..

we spent like 7hours there from 6pm till 1am..

cause of our narnia 3D ticker only avail at10pm,

so we finished inbetween 12midnight..

'hantu kak limah balik kampung' not so bad..

arghh.. i waste so much money on the movie..

wish i had never done that..

now i have to fasting for a few week.. huhu

super duper tired..

time to rest..


flashback ; way back then :

Friday, December 17, 2010

fiq dan hajar akn blaja sesuatu..

hahaha.. ketawa dlu.. sbb ape?
sbb kami nk blaja berenang..
lucu kn.. dlm byk2 sukan..
tbe2 rase nk join renang..
sbb aja lh nie..
die yg ajak sye..
(terover plak,sorry ja)

so, kami akn start blaja hr ahad pg nie,
di kemuning golf&country resort..
die pnye pakej sgt berpatutan..
sape nk join, jom lh..
bleh pegi skali ngan fiq..
esok kami ade misi..
ntuk mncari muslimah swimwear..
mungkin akan beli mcm gmbr bwh nie..

sila lh ke website die..
hrge sgt murah berbanding kdai lain,
selesa dn byk pilihan..
sebab lokasi die dkat saje ngan klang sentral,
ptg smalam, otw pegi s.alam terus singgah skjap..
pilihan fiq kaler hitam+polka dots pink..
selesa sgt mase fitting swimsuit tu,
rase mcm xsaba nk berenang..huhu
so, dh byr deposit, esok pegi ambek,
lgpon nk bwk cik aja,
kasi die chance nk pilih swimwear plhan die..
bdk sorang nie cerewat sket..
demand, nk yg mcm itu, nk yg mcm ini.. haih
tk lyn kn.. merajok.. HAHAHA
(sila jgn bgtau aja..die xthu psl blog nie)

owh siti hajar ismail.. i lap u.. u r my bestfren..
teka..? mane se aja..huhu
sje je ltk gambo mase dip dlu..
rindu sgt pd korang..
kmudian lh buat entri psl teslian..
kn marah aja, org laen enterprem die nye entri. HAHAHU..
owh.. untuk esok juge kmi plan nk ke sunway piramid..
sye belum pernah pegi sane lg..
sgt excited kot.. huhu
tido dlu.. simpan tenaga, esok byk plan nk laksanakn..
semoga allah permudahkn segala urusan kami..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dear customer..

some reminder..
this is my account number..
13044020818806 (bank islan)
bile dh bank-in,

kalu bleh tlg send 1copy resit to my email..
dn sertakan sekali alamat pghantaran..
pd kwn2 yg duk dkt2 area selangor nie,
xyah kot.. fiq akn cube hntar kat korang..

emm.. rase nye tu je kot..
kalu ade pape lg..
akn d beritahu..

+Order Closed+

hye kwn2..

spt title kt atas..

fiq dh close order..

tqvm kpd yg dh order..

anda akn di update bile bj dh smpai..

bile bj smpai..?? fiq pun xpasti,

tp, insyallah lh pertngahan bln 1..

iaitu dlm tahun 2011..

owh sudah mahu masuk tahun baru..

kpd kwn2 yg nk ajak clbrate new year..

ajak lah sye.. sye kt kuala selangor tau..

stakat nk clebarte kt i-city to boleh lh..huhu

=stop here=

gotta go back study..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


hey...hey..hey.. friends..
listen up.. I'm here to make an offer to u guys..
but, first of all let me inform u that the due date for closing offer is continue untill the end of december.. so.. no worries, u can still make ur order..

ok.. im opening this offer for 10(ten) early customers, here is my offer :

original price my offer :
long : rm28 : rm25
short : rm26 : rm 23
baby-t : rm23 : rm 20

i know, what im offering to you is not a big deal but.. give it a try.. once u try my kind of shirt.. there's no regret.. u will come back for more.. hahaha.. lalala..

and... for those university student who want to make any official attire or jacket or polo t-shirt.. u can let us help u to help u to design ur dream..

i think that's all from me for today..
i leave u with a picture of me n my sis wearing strawbearu tshirt..
any question regarding anything bout starbeary tshirt.. do let me know..
thank you very much..